Boxwood Choosing the Best, National Boxwood Trials Report 2011

Boxwood Choosing the Best, National Boxwood Trials Report 2011
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More than sixty Boxwood Trial test cooperators from the United States and several international sites present this
comprehensive evaluation of boxwood cultivars. With this data, boxwood lovers now have access to information that will allow them to come to a reliable conclusion as to the performance of some of the best boxwood cultivars from the Atlantic seaboard to Mid-America.


The mission of the National Boxwood Trials is to evaluate boxwood cultivars in a wide range of microenvironments using two primary criteria, grower
friendliness and impulse cosmetics. This report focuses on plants in the “boxwood belt” from Connecticut to Chicago, then south to near Kansas City, to St. Louis and then south to Memphis and Birmingham, and along the Mid-Atlantic coast. Additionally, there are international participants in the Republic of Georgia, Yalta, and the United Kingdom.

This sixth Boxwood Trials Report contains data collected from about sixty sitesin the United States and overseas. Since the 2006 edition, we have welcomed new cooperators, and “old” cooperators have re-evaluated their plants.

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